ShaCky/Unlimited Juke Works(DBLB-036) 19/09/15 Release!!!

9/19に数々のGorgeトラックで話題を呼んだ”Mastergod”改め”ShaCky”の初Jukeトラック集”Unlimited Juke Works(DBLB-036)”をリリースします!
ボーナストラックには昨年行われたJUKE vs GORGE in HIROSHIMAにて披露された楽曲”心臓feat.GAQ(VOLKIN)”のSkip Club OrchestraによるRemixを収録

Title:Unlimited Juke Works
Release Date:2015/9/19
Cat No:DBLB-036

1:I am the bone of my sword
2:Steel is my body, and fire is my blood
3:I have created over a thousand blades
4:Unknown to Death
5:Nor known to Life
6:Have withstood pain to create many weapons
7:Yet, those hands will never hold anything
8:So as I pray, unlimited blade works
9:心臓 -sinzou-
10:心臓 feat.GAQ(VOLKIN)[守信mix by Skip Club Orchestra]

All Track Written & Produced by ShaCky
Track10 Vocal by GAQ(VOLKIN)
Track10 Remix by Skip Club Orchestra
Artwork & Sound Treatments by Tatsuya Sasaki

ShaCky :Twitter
GAQ :Twitter